Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Car seat

I love this Brittax car seat. I love that it is purple with lots of girly flowers too :O

Booster seat

This fisher price booster seat will be perfect for us. My kitchen is not that big. I don't think we will have room for a high chair.

Potty Training

Oh my gosh. This is adorable! An Asian baby that comes with her own potty for potty training. They think of everything :)

I haven't seen a potty yet that I like but this video looks great. I remember watching Erin's video when she was learning to potty. Classic memories :O

Comfort doll

This is an Asian Girl Lovey doll. I would like to have this as a transition object for Abby and bring it with me to give her in China.

Corolle dolls

Asian Babipouce doll I think this sweet baby would make a great first baby for Abby. She is soft and cuddly and smells like vanilla. her face has the sweetest features too.'Choquette Kim' by Corolle. I love this baby too. She would be a great addition to Abby's collection :)

Mai Tai baby carrier

Again It's pink and girly just like I like it! This baby carrier is modeled after the traditional Chinese baby carriers. Baby wearing is great for bonding and attachment. I love this carrier. The pink flowered fabric with the pink trim is the exact colors and print that I would love to have for Abby. This carrier is made by Babyhawk. The model that I want for Abby comes with a fold down head rest, a pocke,t and toy holder attached to it. These carriers can be made to order at the buyers request.

Maclaren Quest Mod Stroller - Pink Fleur

I love this stroller. It's pretty and PINK. Very girly :O I have been reading great things about the Maclaren strollers. They rate very high in Bloggy Town.

Wish List

So I thought I might start a wish list for Abby if anyone is interested. I haven't registered yet because I still don't know when she will be here. I also don't know how old she will be. I do know that I have been going crazy buying things for her and really know that I need to stop till I know if she will even be able to use what I have bought her so far. It is fun though......... So I am starting a wish list for me I MEAN ABBY :0 I will update it periodically. I am also looking for any and all input. As a first time Mom I know that what I think might be a good idea might really not be. I am of course always open to any suggestions as well :)