Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Car seat

I love this Brittax car seat. I love that it is purple with lots of girly flowers too :O


Laura said...

I have this one (different color) and LOVE it! Maeve is very comfy in it. Just a FYI, if you are choosing this because it comes with the Latch feature...read the fine print. Although it is certified to hold a child up to 60ish lbs, you are only able to use the Latch system until 40lbs, then switch to the seatbelt. I bought it thinking the Latch would work until the maximum weight and was surprised to find this was not true. (It is in the installation directions.)

Kim said...

I love that car seat! I bought Natalie a decathlon in a discontinued print a couple of years ago before we got slowed down by the wait and saved $100.

But if this purple one had been around, I would of gotten it instead, the color is so worth the extra $ :)